This is a question I get a lot: "How do I know if I'm lucid dreaming, or actually interacting with another being through astral projecting?"

Well, you've come to the right place, as I am possibly the most ideal test subject for this dilemma, as someone who is (for complicated occult reasons involving past lives) incapable of astral travel, often able to control my dreams, and have confirmed via real-world stimuli and external accounts encounters with other sentient beings from the astral plane.

That sounds like a oxymoron, I know--being unable to eject from the body for proper astral travel, but encountering astral beings, but it's true. I've been encountered on multiple occasions by astral traveling beings who were able to enter my dreams and turn them into what I call a "SMS" or "shared mindspace." What was a lucid dream suddenly becomes a SMS when another being's etheric body enters the world inhabited by your consciousness, as your dream suddenly becomes multiplayer.

Your etheric body, the part of you that "is" you in lucid dreaming OR astral projection, is suddenly locked down. You will be unable to manipulate it further, and you get the innate sense that any damage you take here will be real in your body, or at least your mind. If the invader is gentle and their purposes benevolent, this may be a blissful out-of-body sensation that feels more real than reality, shared with another genuinely exsiting and powerful being.

But, if the invader is there for your head, this sensation will feel like being dragged underwater. You will be unable to wake up. You will realize that until they leave--or die--you will be unable to return to normal.

In one instance, the mall I had lucid dreamt persisted once invaded, but I lost the ability to control things with my mind. The invader faced the same dilemma. We were now both existing in a neutral space, a shared reality which is fully interactable but unable to be manipulated by either of us since we were locked on to the other. Upon defeating the being, I regained control of my dream, and was able to lucid-dream-write myself a goofy ending where the president called me to thank me for saving the Earth from the invader and asked me to grab a beer with him (this was during the Obama era, for reference). I was then able to wake up as normal.

You should innately know when you are actually contacting or interacting with an external sentient being as a sort of sixth sense... but you will likely doubt yourself after the fact, so if your "dream" followed these patterns, you can rest assured what you witnessed was an actual astral invasion of your consciousness, your etheric form--your "dream."

I have not been able to travel through dreams of my own accord--others have dreamt of me before meeting me and such, but I've never recalled being able to invade the dreams and SMS of another. However, curiously, in every single instance of dream invasion, every single invader, be they there for love or for murder, entered and exited (unless terminated) through a swirling black portal. In each instance, they seemed to be able to control or summon these at will. I've been unable to find any documentation of this being a known human astral projection technique, so it may be a technique shared among a single race of beings. I do know for objective fact that every being I encountered had also been encountered by multiple other people prior, indicating a shared phenomena.

The nature of these beings, and who/why they target for various invasion purposes, is not yet known to me. I am positive that some have been benevolent and some malevolent, so there does not seem to be any form of military-like consistency among these beings or in their choosing of targets either. There are several reasons I've come to know why I specifically was targeted for these, but that doesn't answer why it's happened to others who have experienced the same thing.

Until those answers come, I'll continue to research the black portals and attempt to unlock their secrets...

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